How much do you charge?

Our hourly rate is $180.
Please note our hourly rate is for larger work only, single-session tattoos will be priced accordingly. This can be discussed at your consult.

Do i need to pay a deposit?

When you make a booking for the creation of your artwork we will hold onto a deposit.

$100 deposit for a one session piece and $200 deposit for larger work.
The deposit will then be credited to your last hours of tattoo work. 
Please do not make any booking that you are unsure you can keep.

What is the best payment method?

A deposit we can easily send through a PayPal deposit request or bank details for a transfer or cash.

We can’t give quotes over the internet, as there are too many factors involved when quoting tattoos, including style, placement, size, who does the piece and plus any modifications that tattoo/picture you have sent as an example will need to go through. Please note that all work done at House of Daggers is original for you, so references are welcome but if you found the tattoo/picture on the internet, we will change it just enough to make it uniquely yours.

We can organise a phone consultation for clients coming from out of town. 

Can my friends come anD watch me get tattoo?

No sorry, friends are not allowed to stay with you while you get tattooed.  The reason being, we are trying to create a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. This is for the artist so we can concentrate and also for our clients privacy. 

How should i prepare for my tattoo session?

It is a good idea to eat before your appointment even if you may not feel like it - low blood sugar and tattooing don't mix well. Bringing a sugary drink is also recommended. If you could also shave the area you will be tattooed the day before or of your appointment.


We have car parking spaces available to the side of the building.

Our tattooing policy

We do not tattoo pregnant/breast feeding women, anyone with transmittable diseases, people under 18 (even with parental consent) or anyone undergoing chemotherapy. 

Please note we will not tattoo anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 
We also do not tattoo anything reflecting any prejudice.

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